Tools & Scripts

I love scripting in Python and have made a few useful tools for myself and my fellow animators. Most of them you can find on Github.

My favorites:

ConMan – A constraint manager for Maya to ease the pain of switching weights among multiple targets. It enables animation and snap-free switching. An object list allows the user to select the constrained object.

Butter – A Butterworth filter for Maya animation curves. Cleaning noisy mocap data? Need to maintain overall action while removing the jitters? Want this to all work interactively? This filter might be just for you!


Pyrust – Integrates a Rust binary into Blender through an add-on. This project was to try building and bundling a native library with Python through setuptools and the ctypes ffi interface.

Blenderpython – A project to collect and maintain old or forgotten Blender add-ons (originally started by meta-androcto). This repo also contains some of my own add-ons.